HDPE Beginner Dance/Fitness Hoops

This 'Beginner Dance/Fitness Hoop' section lists hoops made from HDPE material which are heavier and bigger which help keep the hoop up for a long time. These differ from the other Polypropylene hoops that are lighter and suited for those doing rhythmic gymnastics or advanced performance dance hooping. 

Dance purposes: This is a perfect entry level hoop to the word of hoop dance. As you progress you will begin to start downsizing this hoop or replace it with a lighter weight material to transition into more advanced ‘off body tricks.’ Even when you advance to a smaller/lighter hoop you will still find yourself revisiting your beginners hoop from time to time when you start learning a new move.

Fitness purposes: These hoops are approx. 450g (varies with different sizes) which are still heavy enough to keep up for a long time but without damaging your waist, compared to some of the other 1.5kg ‘Weighted Fitness’ hula hoops sold in sports shops that have been known to cause bruising with prolonged use. If using for fitness reasons, they are actually better for burning calories and improving core strength as you need to a work a little harder at keeping it up and moving, rather than the hoop simply spinning by itself due to excessive weight.

The hoops I sell are handmade by myself so you have the option to customise the decorative tape to any colour scheme you like. If you don't see any premade designs that catch your eye, send a message to info@eirehoops.ie with your colour choice and I'll send some ideas for tape combinations.