Rainbow Sectional Polypro Hoop - available in 5/8

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Available in 5/8 (16mm)

Bright rainbow coloured hoop in 6 clip together sections. Ideal for travelling and taking on the go!

Please note the utmost care goes into the joining the sections as smoothly as possibly by numbering the ends that should clip together. Please assemble in this way to make the hoop as seamless as possible.

The most commonly bought sizes are listed below but if you need a custom size just drop me an email at info@eirehoops.ie

Grip tape matching each colour is provided free of charge.

Alternatively, I can add free hoop wax instead of grip take if you don't want to take away from the colour of your hoop. Beeswax hoopwax is available to buy for future use from the Add On's section.