Tangerine Polypro - 5/8 & 3/4 Sizing Available

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Available in 5/8 (16mm) 3/4 (20mm) polypro hoop tubing. 

Beautiful tangerine colour morphing tape changes with the light.

13mm inner grip tape can be added free of charge. Please select the colour you want and add your choice to the 'Special instructions for seller' section in your cart. Colours are Purple/White/Teal/Neon Green/Neon Pink/Neon Orange Orange/Neon Yellow/Blue/Black/Red/Dark Green.

This hoop can be customised into sections for easy travel by purchasing the 'Sectional Upgrade' in the Add On's section.


Full care instructions here

I recommend only coiling your hoop down to two thirds its size and securing at the sides with tape/ribbon/cables ties. I like to put one layer of tape around with the sticky side up and then another layer on top of that, sticky side down so that it is secure but will not get stuck to your hoop. Coiling your hoop down completely can put a lot of strain on the hoop & could snap. Never coil your hoop down in very cold weather or forcefully.

Note: Taped hoops inevitably will get scuffed up with use, it's the nature of the game! If you want to try and prolong the tape looking neat try hoop on softer surfaces inside or on grass rather than concrete ground.